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deltaDOT Ltd. has been named as a partner in BARDA funded international consortium lead by  Texas A&M System Awarded National Center for Innovation. $285.6 million public-private  partnership has been allocated to enhance the nation’s biosecurity preparedness and create  jobs in Texas (see more opposite).
18 June 2012
30 January 2012 
deltaDOT Ltd., announced the signing of a distribution agreement with Kyokuto Boeki Kaisha  Ltd. of Tokyo, Japan, which covers the promotion and sales of deltaDOT’s analytical  instrument systems in Japan.
23rd October 2012 
deltaDOT sign distribution agreement with HORIBA UK   deltaDOT and HORIBA UK Ltd. of Stanmore, Middlesex have signed a distribution agreement,  with Horiba being appointed sole UK and Republic of Ireland distributor for deltaDOT HPCE  analytical instruments. "Being associated with a large player in the field of scientific instrumentation is very helpful, and  deltaDOT is expecting to benefit from HORIBA's brand, marketing expertise and from the field  support offered to deltaDOT technology by Horiba's sizeable engineering team" commented  deltaDOT's Managing Director Nigel Stokes. 
deltaDOT attended two conferences in Beijing - The Beijing Institute of Technology - PEPCon  2012 and the Beijing Institute of Technology -AnalytiX 2012. Also present were their Japanese  colleagues from KBK (Kyokuto Boeki Kaisha with staff from their Tokyo and Beijing offices.  Both KBK and deltaDOT were delighted with the response and interest in their Label Free  analytical technology and are currently following up significant leads from both booth visits and  post-presentation approaches. 
23 March 2012 
BioProcess International Awards nominated DARPA-AMP consortium (which includes  deltaDOT Ltd.) as one of the finalists in the category of "Collaboration of the Decade" for work  started in 2007 on the AMP project. BioProcess International formally introduced the 36 Award  finalists for 2012. This exclusive group represents the very best technologies, applications,  collaborations, and thought leaders that the bioprocessing industry has to offer (...more) 
24 September 2012
18 January 2018 deltaDOT Ltd. announce successful licensing of their High Performance  Capillary Electrophoresis technology (HPCE) to a leading Chinese company. Last month  deltaDOT entered into a collaboration agreement with a Chinese partner to purchase all  deltaDOT’s technical know-how, software and IP licenses for their High Performance Capillary  Electrophoresis (HPCE) technology (...more)  18 December 2017 The subject of the new Technology partnership publication by deltaDOT is  Glatiramer Acetate Analysis as applied in immunomodulator treatment for multiple sclerosis. On demand analytics of high quality and cost effective nature are described in this application note  (...more)  13 October 2017 deltaDOT continues with Technology partnership publication (www.ttp.com)  The TTP Journal of Technology and Business Innovation provides technical insight into UK  advanced scientific businesses. New articles are now available on Water Ionic Analysis (...more)  and Nicotine Analysis (...more).  8 September 2017 deltaDOT are launching a new series of articles dD Techniques on the  capabilities of their High Performance Label Free Imaging Capillary Electrophoresis technology.  The articles offer accessible information and an insight into this unique technology which is used  worldwide to solve challenging analytical problems. A new perspective on the tools required for  the development and manufacture of monoclonal antibodies, biosimilars, stratified therapies,  viral vaccines and gene therapy vectors highlights the need for new analytical techniques.  These new perspectives are the aims which dD Techniques articles intend to deliver to a wide  range of audience (...links to article1, article2, article3)  24 August 2017 The Technology partnership publication (www.ttp.com) now includes key facts  and data on deltaDOT’s High Precision Capillary Electrophoresis advanced technology. The TTP  Journal of Technology and Business Innovation provides technical insight into UK advanced  scientific businesses (...more) 3rd July 2017 Future Targeted Healthcare Manufacturing. deltaDOT announce their  participation in the new EPSRC funded Future Targeted Healthcare Manufacturing Hub, led by  UCL (...more). The Hub will address the manufacturing, business and regulatory challenges to  ensure that new targeted biological medicines can be developed quickly and manufactured at  affordable costs (...more).   24th January 2017 – deltaDOT Ltd. announces compliance with CFR 21 part 11 of USA’s Food  and Drug Administration. deltaDOT now offers an upgraded version of its control and analysis  software which has been designed to aid users of deltaDOT’s HPCE-512 Hig Performance  Capillary Electrophoresis instrument in achieving compliance with CFR 21 part 11.The upgrade  package contains controls to help meet the stringent requirements of CFR 21 part 11 including  the system access by authorised personel only, maintaining audit trails of user actions,  generating complete and protected data files and the application of electronic signatures to data  (...more)  20 Sep 2016 National Health Service Quality Control North West (QCNW) Liverpool  labs  presented the data on monoclonal antibody stability trials based on deltaDOT’s Capillary  Electrophoresis (CE) technology  and expertise. They state that CE technology is suitable for  monitoring the stability of monoclonal antibodies and can perform purity and charge analysis with  high resolution and repeatability. They conclude that CE can replace other techniques commonly  used for this analysis IEC and SDS PAGE (link to the poster).  3rd July 2016 Monoclonal Antibody Stability Trials using deltaDOT HPCE-512 technology  reported by Dr. Deepika Devanur. Now available in pdf slide format on our website (...more)