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Glomerular filtration rate (GFR) by Iohexol clearance The test is designed to identify early renal disease and monitor its  progression in companion animals. A Label-Free High Performance Capillary  Electrophoresis (HPCE) method is used for the determination of GFR values  in feline subjects administered with the contrast agent Iohexol  (Omnipaque™). This capillary electrophoresis technique gives quicker  results, with minimal sample preparation and lower costs compared to  traditional HPLC techniques. The method allows next-day estimation of feline  GFR in veterinary practice using as few as 3 samples taken after injection of  a Iohexol bolus.   deltaTITER Baculovirus Analysis deltaTITER allows researchers to accurately quantify the amount of  baculovirus in a sample in as little as one hour. The method is kit-based,  automated and simple to use. deltaTITER uses a proprietary buffer system  that utilises deltaDOT's state-of-the art HPCE technology. The results show  excellent reproducibility of 6% relative standard deviation.  In R&D, scale-up and production phases, deltaTITER gives an excellent  return on investment by drastically reducing cycle times. deltaTITER has  been developed in collaboration with  the pharmaceutical industry, to ensure  that it meets your needs. Benefits Fast – results in 1 hour Accurate – relative standard deviation of ~ 6% Innovative – proven analytical separation  technology Time-saving – significant reduction in cycle time Simple – automated and kit-based Reproducible – from titration to titration Universal – across R&D, scale-up and production
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High Performance Capillary Electrophoresis HPCE Application Notes
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GFR by Iohexol App Note
GFR assessment using Iohexol
GFR Measurement using deltaDOT HPCE (poster)