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deltaDOT scientific team has developed considerable expertise in CE based analytics   and in solving clients’ analytical problems. Using our own HPCE LFII® analytical instruments  we offer Analytical Services and Contract Research to industry, research establishments and  academia (...more) 
Glomerular filtration rate (GFR) by Iohexol clearance - designed to identify early renal  disease and monitor its progression in companion animals. High Performance Capillary  Electrophoresis (HPCE) method is used for the determination of GFR values by administered  with the contrast agent Iohexol (Omnipaque™). This capillary electrophoresis technique gives  quicker results, with minimal sample preparation and lower costs compared to traditional  HPLC techniques. The method allows next-day estimation of feline GFR in veterinary practice  using as few as 3 samples taken after injection of a Iohexol bolus (more on Apps page).  Amino acids - CZE separation of amino acid mixtures for neo-natal screening for inborn  errors of metabolism, IVF applications. Capillary electrophoresis using indirect UV detection is  a fast and convenient method for the analysis of amino acids, compared to HPLC. A reversed  polarity mode is employed, with the sample injected at the cathode and electrophoresed  towards the detector at the anode.   Antibody analysis Analysis of both the heavy and light chains of antibodies, including glycosylation analysis on  both. Both CGE analysis (for molecular weight determination and PTM analysis) and CZE  analysis (for antibody-antigen interactions) can be carried out  Virus Applications Viral Titer (deltaTITER) - kit-based baculovirus titration methodology developed jointly with  GSK. Fast and accurate titration – 18 samples can be processed in one hour and results  obtained overnight. Repeatability of titrations <10% compared with 50% obtained for traditional  plaque assays. Glycoform analysis Diagnostics, therapeutics, formulation and QA/QC studies. Used in the identification of  recombinant vs. naturally occurring erythropoietin (Epo). Could be used as a test for doping in  athletes. Potential use also in monitoring drug dose of patients receiving recombinant EPO for  end stage renal failure. Transferrin glycoform analysis. Used in the identification of  carbohydrate deficient transferrin in alcoholic patients. 
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Proteins – capillary gel electrophoresis (CGE) Protein molecular weight calculations Protein-protein interactions Protein-DNA interactions Post-translational modification analysis (PTMs) QA/QC of vaccines ¡V impurity measurements Excellent sensitivity (1ug/ml) for most proteins, mass accuracy of <1% and concentration accuracy of <5%. Proteins – Capillary zone electrophoresis (CZE) Separation of proteins according to mass/charge ratio Protein/Protein, Protein/Ligand interactions Native protein analysis PTM analysis Enzyme analysis Enzyme-substrate interactions. Protein and peptide analysis cIEF - Used to determine pI of unknown proteins (relates to the first dimension of a 2D gel separation) Peptide analysis - Separation and quantification of peptides in a mixture Nucleic Acid Applications Double stranded DNA Analysis of PCR products and dsDNA sizing in the range of 40- 1100bps Oligonucleotide analysis Highly sensitive oligo analysis e.g. for QA/QC (100fg/ml sensitivities attained) Nucleotide analysis Analysis of deoxynucleotides in their mono, di and tri-forms Small Molecule Applications Chiral Molecule Analysis Separation and analysis of enantiomeric drug molecules used in the identification and quantification of a clinically active form of a pharmaceutical vs. a potentially toxic form. Successfully applied to a wide range of chiral molecules including Warfarin, Ketoprofin, Atenolol, Propranolol. Pesticide Analysis - compounds such as Atrazine, Carbofuran and Parathion methyl Water analysis - Measurement, quantification and identification of anions and cations in water Carbohydrates - Mono and disaccharide quantification in enzyme kinetics Inorganic acids - H2SO4 and similar quantification
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