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Nigel brings financial and legal expertise to deltaDOT, and has many years’ experience in running and advising SMEs. In  addition to his MEng from Imperial College he also holds an MBA from London Business School. Nigel previously worked at  deltaDOT from 2001 for several years as Company Secretary and Financial Controller.  In 2006 he set up a company based  at Saint Mary’s Hospital which performs a novel form of non-invasive surgery to treat fibroids. The equipment was sold to the  National Health Service in 2014 and investors received a 2x return. In 2010 he returned to deltaDOT by arranging a funding  round which achieved a change in the management and a complete simplification of the company’s governance structures. 
Nigel Stokes M.Eng, MBA Managing Director
Stuart co-founded  deltaDOT contributing his molecular biology expertise. He has a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology from the  University of Essex, UK. His post-doctoral position was at the United States Department of Agriculture in their Plum Island  Animal Disease Center in New York State, working on Foot-and-Mouth disease. He returned to the UK to work at the  Department of Medicine at the University of Cambridge on the packaging signal of HIV-1. In 1999 he moved to the  department of Biology in Imperial College London and subsequently to the Institute of Biomedical Engineering as a  collaborating investigator. Stuart is also IP director for  deltaDOT Ltd. and a core member for the BBSRC grants assessment  committee C.
John co-founded  deltaDOT with technology originating in the Department of High Energy Physics. He joined Imperial  College as a lecturer in 1986 and remains on the faculty. Before Imperial College, John was a research fellow at Harvard  University and Cornell University researching heavy quark decays. He was a special advisor to the House of Commons  select committee for Science and Technology, and he also founded other spin out companies from Imperial College on  physics-based technologies. John was Chief Executive Officer of  deltaDOT's Qatar based sister company  deltaDOT-QSTP-  LLC. 
Deepika Devanur, PhD Application Scientist, has extensive experience in the field of  analytical biochemistry.  Deepika completed her undergraduate  studies in Medical Biochemistry and a PhD in the Pharmaceutical  Sciences at King's College London. 
Mei-an Sung, PhD Application Scientist, has worked closely with US collaborators as  part of the Accelerated Manufacturing of Pharmaceuticals (AMP)  consortium.  Her BSc and PhD in Biochemistry were gained at  Imperial College London.  
Gary Taylor, PhD Head of Analysis, responsible for the implementation and  development of algorithms which power Deltadot’s  instrumentation. Gary came to deltaDOT after his PhD at Imperial  College in the field of High Energy Physics (CP violation in B  meson decays). Techniques from high energy particle collisions  have been adopted for deltaDOT HPCE used in PEREGRINE I. 
Stuart Hassard PhD CSO
John Hassard PhD Non-exec Director
Paul is a British national of Czech origin, studied Electronics Engineering in Czechoslovakia, followed by engineering posts  with UK electronics companies in digital and computing technology. Paul is the author of patents in high power energy  transfer circuitry and digital control. He has set up a number of his own UK and Czech Republic based engineering and  manufacturing companies (e.g. Zlin Electronics Ltd., Euroelectronics, Cube Cz sro.) which were grown for a successful exit.  He was chairman of the UK Electronics Manufacturers within the PCIF in the early to mid-nineties and is a current Fellow of  the Institute of Circuit Technology. Highly experienced in electronics manufacturing, management and business exit  strategies, Paul is also Executive Producer of the music labels Cube-Metier and Cube-Bohemia.  
Paul Vlcek BA (Hons.), FInst.CT Non-exec Director
Tony, a serial enterpraneur, is a past Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of several successful science-based Contract Research  Organisations such as Cyprotex plc (sold to Evotec in 2016), Argenta Discovery plc (sold to CRL in 2014). During his  successful career he has also held a number chairmanships and executive positions in life sciencies companies such as  Oxford Asymmetry Ltd (sold to Evotec in 200), deltaDOT Ltd. London, Glythera Ltd., DNAmeIT Ltd. Renewing his  acquitanship with deltaDOT Ltd. Tony is confident its future success in life sciencies, contract research and CE  instrumentation manufacture and marketing. 
Tony Baxter PhD Chairman